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Ask an Expert: Brown spot treatment on real lawn

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Chris asks,

"Hi, I'm just wondering,

1. Is this a product that I can spray on my whole back lawn?

2. Will it help grass that has died/gone yellow from pee stains come back to life?

3. If I were to regularly treat my lawn with this, would it eventually get to where the pee won't damage the grass?

Thanks very much! "

Our Expert answers,

Hi Chris,

Yes to all. It will neutralize the existing pee and allow the grass to grow back. Regular treatment will keep your grass from getting brown spots caused by urine. Aim for 1:50. Spray in the evening so it stays moist longer. Once a week should be good. Fertilizing is find just do it a different day. It is fine for immediate contact so your dog can go right on the grass after. You can even spray it directly on you dog to remove skunk smell

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