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M&M_S17E10_EZ Clean by Vagabond Pet Supply

M&M_S17E10_EZ Clean by Vagabond Pet Supply

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Ez-clean dogrun video

Ez-clean dogrun video

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ez cleansubmaster

ez cleansubmaster

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Ez-Clean Promo 1

Ez-Clean Promo 1

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Some nasty stories from wonderful people

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Unfortunate Incident with Grease

Before I tried ezclean I had an unfortunate incident where my boyfriends clothes were thrown into the washing machine covered in grease. Even though I tried to clean my washing machine afterwards my next load of laundry found a few of my shirts wrecked because they were stained with grease. When it was suggested I try ezclean I bought a bottle and when right home and tested it on some greasy work clothes and an extra rinse with a little splash and my washing machine was clean! No more grease stain accidents. I also just happened to be very pregnant and so I use this on my now 9 month olds clothes and we don't get the super stained clothing! I also have a small backyard as I live in a townhouse, I occasionally spray the fence and gravel area to keep it from smelling from the poop and urine from my dog! Also helps spraying the cat litter area every now and then. Pretty much every dirty job I have to clean up after I use ezclean as a cleaner and a deodorizer! I love it!

The Chicken Incubator

Sometimes when you incubate chicken eggs one will go rotten and leak its nasty insides into the water

reservoir of the incubator. You are unable to take the water out, as you will disturb the rest of the eggs.

A 1/2 a cup of full strength ez-clean was poured into the water reservoir. The water changed from cloudy to clear and the rotten egg smell disappeared.

All remaining chicken eggs hatched and the chicks were healthy.

Elderly Dog Bladder Issues

We have an elderly dog that cannot hold his bladder for the length of our work week. He howls if we leave him outside and howls if we kennel him inside. He will sometimes pee on the carpet and concrete in the basement. We used ez-clean diluted with water. We spritzed it on the concrete and poured it into the carpet and under lay. The pee smell was lessened the first time and after the second application it was gone. We have a jug on hand for future use.

Pet Stain on Carpet

I had an old carpet stain behind the couch from my old dog. It has been there for years. I have used other cleaning products on it previously but it still remained. I pre soaked the stain with water and blotted out the liquid to make sure there weren’t any chemicals in the stain. I applied ez-clean to the stain, covered it with a piece of plastic wrap and then left it alone. It took about a week to dry and once dry the stain was visibility less noticeable. I reapplied ez-clean and after another week I am very happy with the results.

Rubber Mats in Stock Trailer

We live on a multi herd farm. Sometimes we take sheep to auction, sometimes we take cows, other times we take our pleasure horses to the mountains. It is a very well used trailer. When we clean it out we use a pressure washer. The last step is to pour a diluted mixture of ez-clean on the rubber mat flooring. It freshens like a dream. 

Stinky Boots

Stinky rubber boots. My farm boots are the worst in the mucky spring. They get that stinky feet smell in them. I spray ez-clean in them and it takes the smell away.

Cat Urine in a Vehicle

A cat snuck into the car unnoticed and stayed there for two days. The cat urinated on the carpet in the

back seat foot well of the car.

I applied 1 cup of full strength ez-clean and let it sit for a week. I sold the car without any mention of cat urine.

Cat Urine on Concrete

We have a concrete basement floor with shag carpet. The cat had been urinating in one area for years, we finally had the carpet pulled up but the cat urine smell remained.


We made the area on the concrete damp with water and then applied ez-clean to the area. The cat urine smell is gone. 

Cat Urine

My sons bed has been the site of a peeing war between our old cat and our new cat. I have used ez-clean full strength on the mattress as well as in the washing machine on the bedding. It works really well. 


I own a grooming shop and we are in a rural area. We get skunked dogs often. I soaked the dog with water and ran full strength ez-clean through its fur like I would a leave in conditioner. It worked great. 

Synthetic Grass

Our yard is synthetic grass and gravel. We have four dogs 2 females and 2 males. The males like to pee on the fence post and the females like to pee on the grass. We use ez-clean in a spray nozzle attached to the hose. The spray nozzle has number dilution increments on it so we can choose what dilution of ezclean we want to use. In the spring we use ez-clean at a stronger dilution to clean up the winter mess. We find we use ez-clean twice a month to freshen the yard. Nothing is worse than hot weather and the smell of dog pee in your back yard. We can bbq and enjoy our back yard.

Septic Tanks

We live on an acreage and have a septic tank. We are a family of six, have 3 washrooms and do a tonne of laundry. Once a year we put a bucket of ez-clean into our septic tank. Ez-clean digests the solids in the septic tank and takes away the rotten egg smell that accompanies the grey water when the tank flushes itself.

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